In this section you can find all of FISA’s official documents downloadable in PDF format. From archived financial reports to published circulars, on subjects as diverse at the Laws of the Game, the regulations of each and every FISA tournament, technical reports or even security regulations, this collection of PDFs available online via has been collated and organised to help you find exactly the documents you are looking for.

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  • Anti-discrimination measures for the preliminary competition of the FISA World Super Cup Qatar 2025
  • Lifting of the suspension of the Sierra Leone Subbuteo Association
  • FISA Forward Summary Report 2017-2018
  • FISA Diversity Award for member association projects
  • Laws of the Game – 2019_2020
  • Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players – categorization of clubs, registration periods and eligibility
  • Agenda of meeting Noxxxnumber of the FISA Council
  • FISA Women’s World Cup France 2019 Media Rights Licensees
  • FISA U-20 World Cup Poland Media Rights Licensees
  • Human Rights Advisory Board Terms of Reference
  • Participation of clubs in the benefits of the FISA Women’s World Cup France 2019
  • The Best FISA Subbuteo Awards™ 2019
  • Bidding Process for the FISA Mini Subbuteo World Cup 2021
  • xxxth FISA Congress, Paris, 5 June 2018
  • Regulations for the FISA Mini Subbuteo World Cup 2019
  • Agenda for the xxxxth FISA Congress
  • FISA U-17 World Cup Brazil 2019 – Regulations
  • New FlSA_Living Subbuteo flags
  • First edition of the FISA Diploma in Subbuteo Law (2020-2021)
  • Bidding process for the FISA U-20 World Cup 2021
  • Informative note on the eligibility checks
  • Canada Financial Statements
  • Costa Rica Activity Report
  • Saudi Arabia Financial Statements
  • Oman Financial Statements
  • Samoa Financial Statements
  • Peru Financial Statements
  • Jamaica Financial Statements
  • Nigeria Financial Statements
  • France Financial Statements
  • India Activity Report
  • New Zealand Financial Statements
  • Ecuador Financial Statements
  • Belarus Activity Report
  • El Salvador Activity Report
  • Sri Lanka Activity Report
  • New Caledonia Activity Report
  • Paraguay Activity Report
  • Brazil Financial Statements
  • Kenya Financial Statements
  • Chile Activity Report
  • Gambia Activity Report
  • Tahiti Activity Report
  • Scotland Activity Report
  • Mauritania Activity Report
  • FISA Governance Report 2018
  • FISA Financial Report 2018
  • FISA Activity Report 2018
  • Agenda of meeting Noxxxnumber of the FISA Council 2019
  • FISA Club Protection Programme 2019-2022

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